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Extended Warranties create Peace Of Mind, and a Sense of Calm when you think about rising costs of repairs in today's automotive market. The days of being able to repair or even do maintenance yourself on vehicles is over unless your vocation happens to be a Certified Mechanic. Mint Motors takes a lot of pride in servicing and reconditioning the vehicles on our lot, but even with the highest level of service, and a complete 152 point inspection on every vehicle mechanical items break. Murphy's law says it's going to happen usually at a very inconvenient time. Unfortunately we do not have a crystal ball for when things will break or when repairs will need to be done in the future. We proudly offer these warranties to avoid these costly expenses in the future. We believe in them and highly suggest anyone to take advantage of the cost savings associated with these extended warranties. One repair could save you thousands in out of pocket expenses. Who can budget for these unforeseen repairs?

All of our warranties are valid throughout the country at approved service departments. Mint Motors also has an award winning service department, and we accept all the warranties that we sell. We have many deductible choices, and mileage options. For our Commercial customers we have many options including unlimited miles for your fleet. We also feel that its extremely important to be transparent when offering these warranties to you and that’s why we only offer the luxury package on our premium vehicles. This provides you the highest level of protection on all the mechanical parts, and the power equipment. In addition all of our warranties cover items such as Motor, powertrains, A/C systems, and much more.

There is nothing worse than a bad extended service warranty, and we truly understand that and refuse to steer you in that direction. Whether you plan on buying one vehicle from us or many for years to come, you are a part of the Mint Motors family and we plan to do everything in our power to foster a lifelong partnership of being your go-to dealership. We highly recommend considering this Extended Warranty for your peace of mind & to save money in the long-run.

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We have ASE certified technicians, ensuring high-quality service, and they possess extensive experience in servicing all brands and models of both domestic and imported vehicles. We take pride in maintaining and improving the reliability of vehicles throughout the Fort Myers area. From regular maintenance to extensive repairs, we deliver unmatched expertise and service for used cars of all makes.